You are able to backup the offers you receive on a listing. This can be done per listing. It is good practice to back up the offers once your listing is closed or off-market. 

When you back up, you will receive a zip file containing a separate folder for each of the offers submitted. Within each folder is a .txt document containing all of the messages sent back and forth between you and the buyer agents. There will also be separate folders containing any documents that were attached during the correspondence. The .txt file will direct you what folder contains the documents for each message, if there are any attached to that message. 

Listings > Select Listing > Select what offers to back up > Click Bulk Actions > Download Offer Data

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*If there is a smaller amount of offers received, the zip file will be created right away for you. if there is a large amount of offers, we will process the download and email you a link a few minutes later where you can access the zip file. 

*Please note, we do not delete the offer records from your account, but we do delete the attached files three (3) years after they are uploaded. If we are partnered with your MLS, this time frame for deleting files may be much longer depending on the agreement we have in place. Check the Help Doc article for your MLS under the MLS Integrations section for specifics on how ling we save files attached to your offers.