What Is MLS Offers?
We are the industry leader in offer management. Our patented platform facilitates a simple and highly professional online offer process for real estate professionals. Listing agents are able to receive all their offers from buyer agents in one location and uniform format for easy review, reply and team collaboration.

Buyer agents have the peace of mind knowing their offer was submitted successfully. They can view their offer in their account at any time, track its status, communicate with the list agent and even amend their offer if need be.

Once an offer is submitted, we provide agents on both sides of the offer with a streamlined communication experience that allows all offer terms, documents and back-and-forth correspondence to be shared and managed in an organized online environment. There are many productivity features included that save time, increase efficiency and streamline the transaction process.

Agents also benefit from increased compliance and transparency because all documentation and communication shared between the agents is logged and time & date stamped creating a complete audit trail on all listings.

Your MLS Offers Account:
At the request of the MIAMI Association of Realtors, MLS Offers accounts were created for all MIAMI members that did not yet have one. Accounts were created using the email address you have on file with the MLS roster data.

It is possible that some accounts were unable to be auto-created by us, so please double check that you have an account by attempting to login via the Single-Sign-On method described below.

If you find you do not have an account yet, you can visit www.mlsoffers.com and create a free account. Once you create your account, be sure to visit the Settings area to set up your MLS Connection to allow your listings to be imported. 

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MLS Offers Is Enabled by Default On ALL New Residential Listings:
Our offer submission service is enabled (turned on) by default on all new Residential for sale listings added to the MLS. You will see this in the Compensation and Misc. Information section of the add/edit process. 

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*If you choose not to use our service to receive and manage offers, you can change this to "disable".

Offer Link In Broker Remarks:
When our service is enabled (as shown above), a clickable offer submission hyperlink is automatically inserted into the broker remarks of your listing for buyer agents to click on to submit offers to you.

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Receiving Email Notifications:
We will send notifications for new offers, counteroffers, messages from the other agent(s), etc, to the email address in your profile. *On the "Settings" page in your account you can also add up to 6 additional email addresses to receive all notifications for your account.

Profile Information:
You can edit your profile information by logging into your MLS Offers account > click your name at the top of the page > click profile. *You are responsible for keeping your profile information updated if you change your email address, move to a new office, etc.

Logging In And Single Sign On (SSO):
You can login to MLS Offers directly from the MLS using Single Sign On functionality. This is available in 3 spots:

1.) When logged into the MIAMI Gateway, you can click on the MLS Offers icon on the Clareity Dashboard. This will take you to the MLS Offers homepage. Click "Sign-In" and you will be logged into your account. 

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2.) If you are submitting an offer, you will be logged in automatically when you click on the offer submission link in the broker remarks of a listing.

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3.) When logged into Matrix, there is an External Link called "MLS Offers sign up and login". Click that to be taken to the MLS Offers homepage. Click "Sign-In" and you will be logged into your account.

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*For the single sign on to work, your MLS needs to be connected in your MLS Offers account settings. For most users, your MLS should have been connected automatically when your account was created.  If you signed up manually, you will need to set up your MLS Connection under "Settings".

Logging In With Username (email) and Password:
Alternatively, you can always login directly at our website, www.mlsoffers.com without needing to go through the MLS. Your password should have been emailed to you when your account was created. If you don't know it, please use the forgot password function on the MLS Offers login page.

Automatic Listing Import:
All your new "For Sale - Residential" listings will be imported into your MLS Offers account by default and updated approximately every hour. When you add a listing the MLS, it can take from 0-60 minutes to show up in your MLS Offers account and be available for offers, depending on when it was added in relation to our import schedule. 

For all rentals, leases and non-residential listings, you will need to log into your MLS Offers account and import those yourself. Login > click listings >click import from MLS button > select listings to import.

Manual Listing Import:
If you would like to import a listing faster, import a non-residential listing, import a rental/lease listing...  you can login to your MLS Offers account, click "Listings" and then click the "Import from MLS" button to select a listing and force the import.

*For listing imports to work, your MLS feed needs to be connected in your MLS Offers account Settings. Your MLS should have been connected automatically when we created your account, but if you signed up manually, you will need to set up your MLS Connection under "Settings".

Manually Add A Listing:
If you need to manually add a listing that is not available in the import feed, you can do that by clicking the "Add Listing" button on the listings tab.

*Once a listing is in your account it can still take up to 15 minutes to show available for offers.

Demo Video:

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We highly encourage you to watch our overview demo to better understand how the platform works and see all the great features available to you. Watch here:  www.mlsoffers.com/our-demo.

The demo will cover how to manage your offers, set up offer instructions and provide disclosures, reply to and counter offers, reply to multiple offers, amend or withdraw offers, create offer reports for sellers, create a custom url for your offers, create and use canned messages, share closing info with the other agent and more.

*Please note, the demo does not show all of the additional MLS integration functionality mentioned above. But it will provide a good understanding of how to manage and negotiate your offers through our platform.

Don't Want To Use MLS Offers?

Disable The MLS Offers Offer Submission Link On Your Listings:
If you decide you do not want to use our service to receive and manage your offers, you can disable MLS Offers when adding/editing your listing by toggling the dropdown from Enable to Disable in the Compensation and Misc Information area shown below. This will need to be done for each new listing you add to the MLS.

We Do Not Recommend Deactivating your MLS Offers Account Completely: 
It is likely you will eventually need it to submit an offer to another agent who is using our service on their listings and you will need your account to do that. So instead of deactivating your account, we suggest just toggling the above to Disable when you add each new listing.