A. You have two ways to find the listing you want to submit an offer on.

  • The list agent will provide you a link in the MLS that takes you to the offer page.

  • On the buyers page in your account, search for the listing by address or MLS number.

B. Click Make An Offer button.

C. Read any instructions and download any documents provided by the list agent. (if none skip this step)

D. Fill out all required fields on the offer form.

E. Attach documentation supporting your offer and click submit offer. *This should include whatever you would normally send via email to the listing agent when making an offer unless otherwise instructed by the list agent. 

F. You will then be able to see your offer on the Buyers page under the Offers Previously Submitted heading. 

G. When the listing agent replies to your offer you will receive an email notification and you will then want to login to your account and click on your offer record to be able to track all details, the offer status and all correspondence with the list agent.