Copy the offer link from your listing information page in MLS Offers. Depending on your MLS and what is customary in your market, most agents paste the offer link under Remarks, Agent to Agent Remarks or under Broker Remarks. We advise also including some simple instructions such as "To submit an offer, please visit:".

*Most MLS allow hyperlinks on the MLS sheet, but there are some that do not. In those cases, the buyers agent will not be able to click the link and will need to copy the link and paste it into their browser. In those cases we advise maybe including instructions such as "To submit an offer, please copy and paste this link into your browser:".

*There are alternative routes for the buyers agent to submit an offer if you don't paste the full offer link or they don't copy it correctly.

1. On an agent can click "Make An Offer" and search for the property by address or MLS number.
2. When logged into their MLS Offers account an agent can go to their Buyers page and search for the property by address or MLS number.


To save space when characters are limited your MLS, consider using a free URL shortener to shorten the link. Just Google "url shortener" and you will see several options.

MLS Integrations:

Some MLSs that we have partnered with allow their agents to "enable" MLS Offers on a listing and this automatically inserts an offer submission hyperlink in the MLS offer instructions for you, removing the need to copy and paste the link as described above. We are working on adding more integrations all the time. To find out of your MLS has this option just send a support request to