*This currently only applies to Miami Association of Realtors members.

When adding your listing to Matrix, under the "Compensation and Misc Information" section, you will see the ability to enable MLS Offers. Doing this will automatically place a clickable offer hyperlink in broker remarks on your MLS sheet for this listing. Buyer agents will be able to click on this link to submit an offer.

*Please Note: You will still need to login to MLS Offers and import that listing into your account for the offer link in the MLS to actually work and find the listing in our system so offers can be submitted.

To do this, click on the "Settings" tab in your account. At the bottom of this page you will see the "Add MLS Connection" area. Add your MLS and Agent ID to set up your listing feed.

If you need to add listings that are not available in the feed, you can do that by clicking the "Add Listing" button on the listings tab. You can still enable the offer hyperlink on these properties in the MLS as described above.

Here is a tutorial video that walks through the set up and MLS integration for Miami Association members: